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0x800ccc0f Error in Outlook - Fix and Repair Corrupt PST File

MS Outlook is one of the widely used information manager application worldwide. The very feature of this very program to store and manage emails and perform all other sorts of email related operations make this application stand out from all others of its kind. Volume of emails as well as other data and information from contacts, calendar, notes, journals, events to more can be efficiently organized with the aid of this very program. With added functionality of organizing contacts and managing calendar to keep track of all your vital information, it happens to be one of the widely used program across the globe.

Outlook personal folder files is in-built with immense security features & other high-end functionalities concerning its use, though it too time and again observes one or the other errors and problems and that is the time access to personal folder & items may not be easily possible. The one we are talking about here is that of error 0x800ccc0f in Outlook that eventually shows up on the system unexpectedly when the processing is in progress. Mostly corruption of the associated files leads to issues as such and this is why it is all important to fix error 0x800ccc0f, read ahead to know about the causes and way out to resolve the same.

What causes Outlook 0x800ccc0f error ?

Among the main causes of this error are included the following -

  • Corruption or say damage to the shared dependencies, if for any reason the shared dependent files faces an issue, it would experience fatal error resulting from which proper connectivity of the program to the server would not be meant possible, thereby arising problem in sending and receiving emails.
  • Corrupt emails in POP3 server also often throws such erroneous issue
  • Incorrectly configured antivirus program could also arise issues with proper connectivity and thus the error
  • Corrupt Outlook user profiles or any problems with it could pose such problems


How to fix 0x800ccc0f Outlook Error – Way out to Resolve Corruption and make files accessible ?

1. If the very problem arises on account of presence of malicious threats, unwanted programs and viruses in the system it is suggested to get the antivirus software and the system thereafter scanned in order to allow usual connectivity as well. Also, it is important to check for the configuration settings and any fault that so lies needs to be resolved as well.

2. Unused or unwanted data in temporary files and folders needs to be deleted as well, so that the same does not load when using Outlook and therefore 0x800ccc0f error could better be avoided off.

3. For issues lying with the account, a new user profile should better be created and further processing should then be done using it

If your are observing 0x800ccc0f error for any of these reason the above fix is most likely to help you, if is does not happen so it is suggested making use of the equipped PST Repair Tool that is designed to repair damaged Outlook PST files and make the same easily easily once again without any issues thereon.

Outlook PST Repair Software does thorough scanning of the corrupt and inaccessible files so as to make the same usable once again. It begins analyzing files based on its thorough efficient algorithms to have the errors found and getting the same fixed thereafter. It is supported on all versions of Outlook including the latest Outlook 2013 and is compatible with all Windows OS versions – Windows 8 included.