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How to Backup Outlook Mailbox and PST file?

28th February, 2014
MS Outlook is widely used application for email client and personal information manager. Lots of data are fetched and stored in this application. The application is used for both home and business purpose. Backup of Outlook mailbox is important to keep the data safe for future. For that user will have to backup the PST(Personal Storage Table) file which is the central repository of Outlook as it stores all the data of this application. User can backup email, messages, appointments, contacts, notes, journals, tasks, etc in the PST file.


As we know that Outlook stores data in a file with .pst extension. The PST file which contains data of Outlook can be located at one of the following two locations:

  • In hard disk if user is using Outlook in stand-alone environment.
  • In the server mailbox if the user is using Outlook with MS Exchange Server.

The outlook mailbox backup which user will make can be used to restore data after experiencing data loss due to hard failure, PST corruption or to transfer data from one PC to another, etc. Lets move towards creating a backup copy of PST file for Outlook application used in stand-alone environment. For this user should know the exact location of Outlook PST file stored in the PC. It is different for different version of Outlook. Commonly it is found in the Outlook folder of Program Files. For Outlook 2010 the location are mentioned below:
For Outlook 2010 on a 32-bit version of Windows :
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14
For Outlook 2010 on a 64-bit version of Windows :
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office(x86)\Office14

User may require to unhide the files and folder to see the PST file. After finding the file follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Select and right click on the pst file and select Copy.
  • Open any secure location on the PC or any external, removable drive and Paste the file there. It will be better if user save the file in any optical disk.

If user is using Outlook, connected to MS Exchange Server then also outlook mailbox backup can be created. Generally the mailbox of exchange server are stored in the server itself but some administrator maintains a replica of PST file in the client hard drive also. PST file stored on the client disk is always prone to get damage or loss. So its backup is necessary. To create its backup, user will have to determine whether the backup file is available in thier system or not. The steps to do that in Outlook 2010 are mentioned below:

  • In Outlook open File tab.
  • Click “Account Settings” button under “Info” catergory. Click “Account Settings”.Click on “Data Files” tab.

Now check the Location field.

  • If the field contains “Online” word or file name with .ost extension then file is stored in the server. User should contact administrator of the server for further backup action.
  • If the field contains file name with .pst extension then open the path and follow the instruction to backup the pst file as mentioned in the above section.