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Inbox Repair Tool Scanpst.exe Freezes - Easy Way to Fix the Issue

Inbox Repair Tool Errors -

MS Outlook PST file is prone to corruption on account of numerous reasons and the same may range from the most simpler to complex ones which includes reasons as – oversized PST file, unexpected system shutdown, network file sharing, virus attack and like. In order to resolve any such issue that may arise in between Microsoft Outlook comes equipped with the inbuilt Scanpst.exe Utility. Often, called as the Inbox Repair Tool of Outlook, it works to fix most of the temporary glitches that keep striking the Outlook personal storage folder files time and again. The tool works on simple yet effective repair technique by analyzing the file structure & repairing any errors so found. However, many a times while repairing the corrupt PST in this very way users are likely to end up with situations in which Outlook Inbox Repair Tool freezes and sometimes even become un-responding whereby having access to any of the Outlook items may not be possible at all.

Altogether there could be numerous instances of the Inbuilt Repair Tool failing to fix PST corruption, even after detecting it. If you find scanpst.exe freezes or hangs during the repair process, it is quite certain that the file is extensively damaged or there lies any issue as such. At times as such no sort of functioning would ever be possible, even safe mode access would fail momentarily.


What Causes Inbox Repair Tool Freezes Issue ?

As mentioned earlier the very issue is reported on account of different reasons, the most common ones are as mentioned below -

  • Improper Installation of the in-built tool
  • Outdated version of Scanpst.exe is being used
  • The file being repaired is of more than 2 GB size
  • The error lying with the file is severe and beyond the repair ability of the tool
  • The file header is damaged

Further access to Outlook Folder & its functions would not be doable in any case in such cases, until the very problem is sorted out.

How to resolve Scanpst.exe errors & make PST files accessible once again ?

Once you have the error cause revealed, fixes as the ones given below is to be implemented, so as to get the file made accessible once again -

  1. Installing Outlook once again or updating its inbuilt tool to the MS Outlook version used
  2. Ensure that the file is within 2 GB size, this can be done with the help of PST truncation tool
  3. Creating new Outlook profile to have access to its data items

But, for acute corruption cases none of these would work as those are the time you need to opt for PST Repair Tool and get the files repaired & restored effectively in mater of moments. The tool ensures for easy & complete recovery of items in all cases as the algorithm it is based upon is advanced & read-only which does not lead to data modification in the restore process. Further it supports selective & encrypted PST file recovery features as well and works for MS Outlook 2013,2010, 2007, 2003 on all Windows system including the latest Windows 8.