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How to Operate Outlook 2010 Instant Messaging?

21st February, 2014
Instant Messaging service is available in Microsoft Outlook 2010. Now user can send and receive text messages, multimedia files through real time IM service. Instant Messaging service is a kind of online chat in which data are transmitted over internet in real-time. It also offers transfer of files, hyperlinks, voice over IP, voice chat, etc with the text messages.

How can anyone tell that they are available?

Instant Messaging provides option to keep yourself available, busy and away for chat. There are three visual representation available in three different color in the form of circle. Those are the indicators for real time conversation.

  • Green circle shows the user is available for IM.
  • Red Circle with white hyphen in between shows the user is busy. Sending IM to that user might be regarded as creating disturbance.
  • Whitish red circle signifies that the user is away and not available for IM.


Online status of contacts can be seen at different place. Online status can also be seen after opening message in Reading Pane. The status are shown :

  • Beside the sender's name.
  • Beside each name on the To and Cc lines.
  • In the Quick Contacts list.

How to send an Instant Message in Outlook?

Outlook 2010 Instant Messaging can be sent to any user in the contact list or using Lync whose status is not showing Offline. The steps to send and instant message in Outlook are mentioned below:

  • Click on the status indicator available beside the user's name.
  • Click on the Instant Message icon available in the contact card.
  • A box will be provided in the lower part of the window, write the message and press Enter to send it.

Replying to any IM message is also very easy process. User can reply to sender or the sender plus all the recipients of message cc. To do that goto Message tab -> Actions group -> More Actions. Choose “Reply with IM” or “Reply All with IM” from the drop-down list.

How to turn On and turn OFF the online status in IM?

It is very easy to ON and OFF the online status of IM. The steps to do that are mentioned below:

  • Click File tab-> open Backstage view -> click Options.
  • Goto Contacts tab -> Contacts Index -> select/check/uncheck “Display online status next to name”.
  • Click OK and come out.