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Troubleshooting Outlook Calendar Performance Issues

14th February, 2014
Microsoft Outlook user faces poor calendar performance issues. All the functionality of Outlook gets badly affected. User fails to send and receive emails, PST file becomes inaccessible or if accessed then anykind of updation in the file takes longer than usual time. It mainly occurs when Outlook is intensily used by users. When user sends and receives email through Outlook then the email as well as calendars gets synchronized. And when the number of calendars which single profile of Outlook contains, crosses the normal range then the problems occur. Some users keep 30-40 calendars in the single profile shared with or from others and accessed simultaneously. For each synchronization done by Outlook, all the other calendars too gets synchronized. The process keeps on going and Outlook keeps synchronizing. This process in return drops the performance of Outlook.


User can manage the performance issues faced while running Outlook. They can limit the number of items in the Outlook folder which include inbox, calendar, tasks, sent mail, trash, notes, journals, etc. User should also limit number of calendars which they share. Special importance should be given to inbox, sent mails and trash which are most commonly and frequently used. The number of items in any folder depends upon the purpose for which the Outlook profile is being used. It also depends upon the capacity of Outlook and its PST file. The recommended number of items for Outlook folder lies between 2500 and 5000. Additionally, hierarchies should be maintained and upto 3 levels with follow-up of mailbox manager policies.

Outlook Calendar Performance Issues may also occur due to very large PST file or corrupt PST file. To repair the damage of PST, user should first try the inbuilt utility known as Scanpst.exe(or Inbox Repair Tool). It comes with Outlook and gets installed at the time of Outlook or Office installation. The tool is not available for download. It can be located in the Outlook folder of Program Files. Launch the tool and repair the file in few simple steps. But remember there are few limitations of this tool. Large and severely corrupt file are not repaired by this tool. For such files user will have to go for third party Outlook PST Repair tool. Third party tool uses highly sophisticated algorithm to fix the damage of PST and recover all the inaccessible data from it. It comes in both the trial and full version so users can check it out using its trial version.