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How to Solve PST Capture Tool Import Error?

25th February, 2014
PST capture tool import error occurs when user try to import new Personal Folder File to Outlook Exchange 2010 by using the PST capture console. The error which occur is mentioned below:
"Import error: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Core, Version =, Culture = neutral, PublicKeyToken = b77a5c561934e089' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified."

Users can get the same import error in few more forms like
Import error : Error opening mailbox
Import error : Value cannot be null
Parameter name : key


When the error occur then user fails to successfuly import the PST file in the Outlook. Most of the times the import process fails at 99% or after 100%. The one very common reason behind this error is the PST file corruption. One more reason which could be responsible for this error is the difference in the archietecture of the PST file and Outlook. If PST file belongs to Outlook 32 bit and user tries to access it on Outlook 64 bit or vice-versa then this error will occur.

PST capture tool import error if throws mailbox opening error then user go for steps mentioned below:

  • Service account should be mailbox-enabled.
  • Login through service account, open Outlook and create a profile.
  • First uninstall the PST capsture from the Central Service Server then re-install it.
  • Now go for import using PST capture tool.

In the above case, user should check for the archietecture of the PST file and Outlook from which it has been exported and Outlook on which it is imported. Archietecture must remain same in any case. For difference in the archietecture, re-install the Outlook on which it is being imported with the archietecture same as PST file. The error can also occur due to the corruption of PST file. For that user can use inbuilt repair utility, ScanPST.exe tool. This tool comes with Outlook and gets installed at the time of Outlook installation. If somehow this tool fails to fix the damage of PST file which it often does with large and severely corrupt file, then user must use third party automatic Outlook PST repair tool.