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Archive.pst File Corruption - Know How to Fix & Make Files Reusable

Archive.pst is basically one of the Outlook data file that works along Auto Archive feature embedded in Microsoft Outlook. This MS Outlook feature is better known as archive, which provides its user with the facility of dividing files based on category. In a way similar to other personal folder items, these are also contained with Outlook account and could be accessed from therein. These archive files are to an extent really helpful in reducing the file size and thus helps avoid chances of the file getting corrupt or damaged being oversized. Email and items that has gone older for a certain date are likely to be present with this folder. However, what poses trouble in between is the fact that as per the ANSI file format settings data worth only 2 GB could be comprised in the file, crossing the same leads to damage in the file and ends to data loss.

To get over those very situations of corruption, the need to repair archive.pst arises in front of user. This is the time one starts looking for How to repair Outlook Archive PST, here you can know all about it, read ahead to find it out.

To Repair Archive PST file equipped method at the earliest needs to be opted for, it so since when any sort of issue takes place with items of the personal storage table, it inhibits user from accessing the same and consequently shows fatal error messages that are indicative of the file existing issue and as a a result of which its access is completely restricted. Among the main causes of corruption are included the following -

  • Malware Infection – if the file turns corrupt due to infectious virus threat invading PC
  • File Sharing Over Network – when files are used on multiple systems on network, the risk of loss is quite high
  • Upgrading Outlook – improper, incomplete or incompatible upgrade is likely to cause issue as such
  • Interrupted power supply – sudden power cut or failure while the processing was on
  • Malfunctioning application & settings – incorrect settings often throws such error in front of user

To get rid of any of these situation and be able to get access to files properly thereafter, it is all necessary to utilize equipped tool to fix archive PST file.


PST Archive Repair – How to do it??

As this file is quite a critical issue, its resolution needs to be done at the earliest or it may lead to permanent data loss. As if with all other outlook files, scanpst.exe is the suggested fix to resolve the error, thereby make file usable once again. However, this does not assure for complete fix of files and cases could be such that the process fails or stops responding in between showing fatal error to the user . This indicates the inability of Inbox Repair Tool to fix the error that exists. As such it is made quite important to switch over to other enhanced & equipped PST Repair Software.

Repair Outlook Archive PST Using Advanced Utility -

Outlook PST Repair Software is meant to handle all such instances of file corruption in the manner most easy & efficient of all. It is programmed on highly skilled and advanced algorithm such that it is made capable of resolving any error that lies to make file accessible once again easily as before. With easy intuitive interface handling the same is also easy and could be done with matter of clicks shortly. It supports saving log for recovery, with option to resume recovery added as well. Lastly, it does complies with all versions of the application – MS Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 etc.