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ScanPST.exe fails to repair PST file, how to fix it now?

14th March, 2014
Outlook is very famous application used as both email client and personal information manager. Windows user would be well familiar with this application and specially its inbuilt repair utility ScanPST.exe(Inbox repair tool) tool. It is PST repair tool used to fix the damage and recover inaccessible data from it. The personal folder file contains all the data of Outlook like emails, contacts, journals, calendars, notes, etc. As Outlook is also used for business purpose so the data stored in it are very important for its user. Inbox repair tool is that utility which comes with Outlook to fix the damage and recover all the data but sometimes the same tool fails to repair the file leaving all the data stored in it inaccessible.


Reason behind ScanPST.exe failure.

There can be many reasons behind the failure of this tool. It mainly depends upon the file which it repairs. Inbuilt tool is designed to cover problems with limited scope. Expecting the tool to be responsible for severely corrupt, intensely damage and very large files will be injustice. This utility goes through the header, internal directory structure to check and understand the error. When the file is severely corrupt then this tool fails to understand the error. At that position, it either deletes that specific section or stops responding(hangs). So ultimately when it freezes in between then user get together with situation where ScanPST.exe fails to repair the PST file.

Solution for Inbox repair tool failure

When the inbuilt repair utility fails to provide effective solution then user must look for other possible options to fix the damage of their PST file. One such option could be the use of third party automatic Outlook PST repair tool. This is very powerful tool which uses highly sophisticated algorithm to restore all the lost data from the damage file. No matter whether the file is severely corrupt or very large in size. The tool is designed to cover all possible problems which can occur in PST file. It is powerful enough to restore emails, contacts, attachments, calendars, notes, journals, sub-folders and other items.