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Fix for Inbox Repair Tool is in use by Another Application Error – Resolving PST Corruption Issue

Outlook users are well acquainted with the vulnerability of its personal storage table or PST file items. The intensity of such problem are so intense and it is so diverse that it surpasses all security and reliability measures opted in the context. As a result of which users time and again end up facing critical errors and this in cases do prevent users from having safe access to files stored therein. Since Microsoft is well aware of the pitfalls that occurs in its personal folder file, it has created an inbuilt tool named scanpst.exe to cater to users needs of repairing damaged and inaccessible Outlook.pst items. As such if there arises any problem with Outlook data files itself, proper functioning of the very tool is restricted.

Talking of a particular instance as such, when personal folder item gets corrupted and trying to run scanpst.exe in order to have the very error resolved throws following error in front of the user that -

“Scanpst.exe is in use by another application. Close Microsoft Office Outlook and all other mail-enabled applications and try again.”

This Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool in use by Another Application issue strikes the system regardless of the fact that no other process or application is accessing the very tool. As such even retrying to have access to those very items or closing other programs in use does not help.


What causes scanpst.exe file in use issues?

The issue discussed here relates to Outlook installation, i.e. if for any reason or anyhow the Outlook setting is damaged or not working properly this eventually is going to interrupt proper accessibility of the inbuilt tool as such in this situation it is highly recommended to opt for other equipped means of PST Repair or severe inaccessibility issues may arise in between.

How to resolve scanpst.exe is in use by another application

Below section discusses the way out for resolving the very issues that lies within and restricts proper accessibility of the tool and thus the repair task meant to be performed for the same -

1. 'Detect and repair' option in Outlook needs to be tested first of all such that the existing Outlook installation issue is resolved. In situations, this does not help reinstalling Outlook is recommended and thereafter running the program will help you fix the damage that lies within.

2. Try repairing the corrupt outlook.pst file on another system by transferring it thereon

3. In cases, updated data backup is available from where you can restore items back for use within Outlook account

For situations other than this, it is recommended to opt for advanced means of repairing damaged PST files with the help of Outlook PST Repair Software. The very tool that is specifically programmed to cater to users need of repairing damages, no matter howsoever severe or for whatsoever reason may it be. It is based on efficient technique such that it first scans files to locate error that lies, thereby fixing all or any issue that lies in turn making you files reusable once again.

So, without furthermore wait, just get the right utility to fix files that were damaged, corrupted or inaccessible and restore it back for proper accessibility once again.