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Resolve Inbox Repair Tool Stuck Phase 7 - How to fix PST File

Facing errors while accessing Outlook.pst file? For Microsoft outlook users it is quite evident to come across a situation as such in which when they try and open Outlook account to access personal folder items access to the same is restricted. Even several attempts to begin the application and load files at times feel helpless and situation remains the same with no success at all. These situations evoke the need of PST repair in most cases, since the corrupt files which has gone inaccessible cannot be accessed properly until the very issue is resolved. To begin with repair & restore of items that are damaged or cannot be loaded for some reason scanpst.exe is the first aid solution to be opted for.

In a particular instance as such when you begin scanning PST files, inbox repair tool stuck phase 7 of the repair process and this is why the process could not be successfully completed and the files remain inaccessible. Once the scanning process begins and moves further on, you will find that this could be successfully finished and the result is that all those items could easily be processed as required thereafter. But, situations may not go right away in ones favor and you find that inbox repair tool stops at phase 7. This unexpected interruption of the process in between 7 & 8 step is reported in number of cases, when the scanning seems to hold for few minutes and is thereafter stopped all of a sudden.


If you find inbox repair tool stopped like instances in front of you, it is quite evident that the corruption observed in your files is severe and that the very utility is incompetent in fixing the same thereoff. To suitably overcome situations as such, the recommended solution is to opt for PST Repair Tool. The very tool is basically designed to deal with the purpose of scanning & repairing inaccessible and damaged personal folder items with the aid of thorough algorithm. Altogether, there can be wide number of reasons that actually results in failure of the very process for sudden stoppage of repair at step 7, some of these are as discussed below -

  • 1. Improper Outlook Closure – if time and again the program is not closed properly, settings of the app would get damaged and it may create issues with proper access of the file
  • 2. Storing Files on Network – repair process may not get completed successfully, if there lies an issue with storage of PST data items
  • 3. Application crash – if there lies a problem with the same, Outlook may inadvertently crash
  • 4. Faulty Add-ins – this often arises issue with safe repair with scanpst and calls for the need of alternative tool for repairing PST files.

The software ensures safe & complete recovery of the files in all cases and also helps recover deleted and missing items back with ease. Oversized as well as encrypted PST files could be recovered in this very way and since selective recovery is supported all items could be restored without a issue from MS Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007 etc used on any Windows system – Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP etc.